Saxo Bank’s Q3 Outlook: Waiting for Godot

Saxo Bank’s strategists expect the third quarter to be good for assets and believe Q3 could actually be a major pivot point, marking the end of excessively easy money and a turning point towards the slow withdrawal of QE. The “Godot” Saxo Bank is waiting for is the wake-up […]

Saxo Bank

Communicative Bonus

Starting August 15th, 2013, the RoboForex official message board offers traders a new program, “Communicative Bonus”. From now on, online message board communication is not only a pleasure, but may help traders to make more profit, because clients will […]


6 Weeks Left Before Miss Insta Asia 2013 Final

The 3rd season of the popular Miss Insta Asia beauty contest is on the home straight. Only six weeks left before the final of the yearlong competition which involved hundreds of beauties all over the world. The group of favorites has already showed up. They are to jostle […]